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Red Wall & Stairs

Why do I need NoCo Homewatch?

Identify water leaks

Early detection is the key to avoiding excessive repair costs and preventing further damage.


We look inside and outside for issues

Looking for obvious signs of issues...


Broken water mains

A flooded basement 


Spot trouble areas

We can look for early signs of mold and help you arrange for a mitigation service while you're still away.


Appliance failures

Coming home to learn that your freezer quit working while you were gone is no way to enjoy your return to your house. We will check all appliances and help mitigate any issues found.


Damaged windows/doors

We inspect your home looking for damage and intrusion 


I have alarms and notifications sent to me while I'm away

That is great! But, we all know that technology can fail. What happens when your modem goes out?

My Neighbors said they would keep an eye on my house.

Friends and neighbors have great intentions, but we all know they get busy with their own schedule, and your home is not their top priority.

in the case that something happens

If an event happens where your toilet runs or leaks for an extended length of time, causing flooding while you are away, who will coordinate service professionals for immediate clean-up and remediation without you having to return home?


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